Win32::GUI Homepage at SourceForge

The Win32::GUI project provides a perl binding to the most useful of the Win32 API functions for making Windows GUIs. The project's homepage (which includes documentation and information about downloading and installing the module) can be found at:

Finding Win32::GUI stuff

The search box below uses a custom Google search to find Win32::GUI related things. It searches the project's website (including the wiki and the documentation), mailing list archives, the codebase and several other useful Win32::GUI resources at the same time. Results may then be 'refined' by category.

My Win32::GUI Modules

I maintain a small number of Win32::GUI modules (as well as being the maintainer of the core Win32::GUI package). Find more about them here:

Win32::GUI Tutorials

Find links to Win32::GUI tutorials I have written here:

    • Scrollbars - a series of tutorials on how to implement Scrollbars in Win32::GUI