Custom ROM for Hudl 1

Option 2 - Flashing the TMF Custom ROM

This page links to details of the TMF Custom ROM that I have built for the Hudl 1.

TMF Custom ROM Boot screen


Early October 2020: This is currently "Work in Progress", but you can have a sneak preview at - please bear in mind that the documentation available there is inaccurate and incomplete.    I am working on this in my spare time and it may be a while before it's in a state that makes it accessible to non-experts - but I will get there.

If you want to know when things are ready then, for now at least, your best option is probably to point VisualPing (other services are available) at this page so you can get notifications when I update it.

14th October 2020:   Initial instructions for flashing the custom firmware using a Windows computer and RK Batch Tool  now written: Feedback welcomed on whether they are comprehendible. - ideally as Github issues.

31st October 2020:  I think I've managed to work out how to flash a new firmware to the Hudl from an SD Card.  A new v0.3 pre-release of the images is building as I write this, along with a first pass at some instructions here:

9th November 2020:  v0.4 pre-release now available from the TMF Custom ROM releases page.  This release makes the install from SD card route a bit easier, but no changes to the installed image functionality.    I hope to get to a v1.0 release with a good, consistent documentation set in the next week or two.

12th November 2020. v1.0 released.  No change from v0.4.  Documentation should now be complete for all 3 documented flashing methods, and additional information on how to build you own (if you are so inclined) is also available.  Github issues now exist for all the things that I'd like to see done to enhance this project.